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Safety & Orientation Training Modules - MODULE 1



Lock out and Tag out Procedure

Lock out and Tag out is a procedure, which can be used to neutralize or control energy. The procedure must be adapted to each piece of equipment or machinery, but the basic steps are the same:

  1. Energy comes in many shapes. Before doing anything else, identify every source of main and stored energy connected to the machinery or equipment you must shut down. You may have to inspect the equipment, check drawings, or follow written procedures but make sure you know every source of main and stored energy. Example: a live electrical cable is a main source; a battery is a stored source.

  2. Isolate or neutralize every identified main and stored energy source: for example, turn off a vehicle’s ignition and disconnect the battery and release all pressure in the hydraulic system and block the wheel then wait for everything cool down.

  3. Put locks on all energy control devices (switches, valves, controls, gates) to ensure no one else uses them. Then attach a tag to tell others who locked out the device and why. Verify that each person working on the job places a lock there, too.

  4. After the power is shut down, verify that no energy is getting through by turning on start buttons or switches, moving hydraulic controls, testing electrical systems with a meter, checking that a hot pump has cooled. Before starting any work, be certain that every main and stored energy source you identified at the start of this procedure is controlled. Remember to turn off any switches turned on for this test to avoid a surprise start when power is restored.

  5. When the work is completed, each worker should remove his own lock and tag. Make sure any switches or valves used to test for zero energy are turned off.

  6. With all personnel standing clear, turn on the power source(s) and restart the equipment.


The really important part of the procedure is to follow every step-in order, every time… no exceptions.

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