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Safety & Orientation Training Modules - MODULE 1


Storage areas should be at least 1.8 m (6ft) from floor openings, excavations or any open edges where material may fall off.

Near openings, arrange material so that it cannot roll or slide in the direction of the opening.


Flammable Materials

  • Use copper grounding straps to keep static electricity from building up in containers, racks, flooring and other surfaces

  • Store fuel only in containers approved by the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) or Underwrites’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC)

  • Ensure that electric fixtures and switches are explosion proof where flammable materials are stored.


Hazardous Chemicals

  • Refer to material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for specific information on each product

  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for storage

  • Observe all restrictions concerning heat, moisture, vibration, impact, sparks and safe working distance

  • Post warning signs when required

  • Have equipment ready to clean up spills quickly.

  • To keep them separate for special handling and disposal later, store empty chemical containers in secure area away from full containers.


Bags and Sacks

  • Do not pile bagged material more than 10 bags high unless the face of the pile is supported by the walls of a storage bin or enclosure

  • Do not move piles more than 10 bags high unless fully banded or wrapped

  • Cross-pile bags and sacks for added stability. Pile only to a safe and convenient height for loading and unloading.


Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Store and move cylinders in the upright position. Secure cylinders upright with chain or rope

  • Lock up cylinders to prevent vandalism and theft

  • Wherever possible, store cylinders in a secure area outdoors

  • Keep full cylinders apart from empty cylinders 


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