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Safety & Orientation Training Modules - MODULE 1

Objectives of traffic control

  • To protect constructions workers and the monitoring public by regulating traffic flow

  • To stop traffic whenever required by the progress of work. Otherwise to keep traffic moving at reduced speed to avoid tie-ups and delays

  • To allow construction to proceed safely and efficiently

  • To ensure that public traffic has priority over construction equipment


Protective cloths

Hot days: hard hat, safety boots, reflective vest, shirt and full-length pants are required, insect repellent and sunscreen may also be required in some locations

Cold days: warm, layered clothing, especially gloves, boots and hard hat with winter liners, reflective vest

Wet days: highly visible rainwear-under your reflective vest



  • Always face traffic

  • Plan an escape route

  • Wear personal protective clothing

  • Maintain proper communication with other traffic control persons

  • Stay alert at all times

  • Be courteous


Cases when a worker is not allowed to direct traffic

A worker shall not direct vehicular traffic:

  • for more than one line in the same direction

  • if the posted speed limit of the public way is more than 90 per hour


How should I signal?

Use the STOP-SLOW sign and your arm as shown below:

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